Amediation – Our Approach to Mediation

Amediation Services offer experience, professionalism and impartiality to any mediation process.

With over 20 years business experience to draw on, our specialist areas are issues surrounding family businesses and disputes involving family members. We also provide mediation in civil and commercial disputes and issues arising from workplace and employment conflicts.

We take great care in preparing with all parties for any mediations prior to the initial meeting so that we have a clear and full understanding as to the background and history of the dispute from all sides. This not only saves time during the mediation and allows us to identify the main points surrounding the conflict, but during this initial stage we may also pick up aspects of the case that each party may not be aware of but are actually key to the disagreement.

It is important to know that your information will remain confidential before and after the mediation and any information such as paperwork, emails, notes or letters will be destroyed at the end of the final mediation session. This will leave you with only the final settlement agreement.

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Our credentials

As a provider of independent mediation services, we adhere to the Mediators Code of Conduct and have an ongoing annual Continuing Professional Development programme.

Where we work

Amediation services mainly provide services for clients based in London and along the M4 corridor able to attend mediation sessions anywhere within the UK (some additional travel and accommodation costs may be charged depending on the location).

What we charge

If you decide to work with Amediation Services we offer a fixed rate daily cost which is simple to understand and clearly states what and when you will be expected to pay. Should your mediation need to take more time at the end of the day rate session then an established overtime hourly rate will apply. Details of our fees are available on request at the initial meeting stage once we get a feel for the particular demands of your situation.

We also offer a low cost orientation session which allows each party to decide whether they wish to proceed. We’ve found that this flexibility can sometimes save time and makes the mediation a staged process rather than a whole day.

Free consultation

We do offer a free consultation service for some clients depending on individual circumstances. Please contact us here to discuss if you qualify for a free mediation consultation session

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and approachable service for our clients whilst remaining professional and impartial throughout all our negotiations. We believe we bring a fresh approach to mediation services and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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